Best Second Passport

Vanuatu allows dual citizenship, so immigrants will not be trapped in one country. The Vanuatu passport allows for visa-free travels to over 129 countries and districts.

Easy Application

The immigrant policy in Vanuatu is convenient. With one application, the applicant’s immediate family across three generations will receive citizenship as well. Citizenship in as little as 30 to 90 days

High Quality of Education

  • English is one of the three official languages

  • Low Cost of International School Education in Port Vila

  • Close to Australia and New Zealand to facilitate tertiary education for children

  • Also be able to apply for top-quality universities both within and outside of the country as foreign students. It is most beneficial for anyone who plans on relocating overseas in the long run

Super Tax Friendly

Tax friendly environment with no personal or corporate income tax, no death duties and no capital gains tax. Many international ship-management companies choose to flag their ships under the Vanuatu flag, because of the tax benefits and favourable labour laws (Vanuatu is a full member of the International Maritime Organization and applies its international conventions). Vanuatu is recognised as a “flag of convenience” country.